Kind Words

Here are some kind words from several of my clients. Thank you!

  • “I can’t thank Katie enough for her knowledge and expertise with counseling me towards good nutrition and healthy living.”
  • “Katie has given me the confidence to make better food choices and in the long run it has made a big difference in my health.”
  • “The thing I liked the most about working with Katie was sitting one on one to seek and learn the best eating plan for me.”
  • “I liked everything about working with Katie.”
  • “Katie made me feel very comfortable. She is a very caring person with a lot of confidence.”
  • “Katie Abbott is very well informed about nutrition, and she has an excellent understanding of people’s needs.”
  • “Katie is easy going and understanding.”
  • “Katie is courteous and professional.”
  • “I think just talking to Katie about the issues I need to address helped. I know most of what we talked about, but I needed Katie’s encouragement to continue.”
  • “Katie was very nice and easy to work with.”
  • “Katie does a really good job, and all the information she provided was very beneficial.”